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It's Mo here, with a conversation with Mike Schur, executive producer of Parks and Recreation, Master of None, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the upcoming NBC comedy Good Thing. I spoke to Mike when I was in Los Angeles recently, and the shows and ideas we talked about in our wide-ranging discussion include (among other topics): 

  • The Leftovers (we talk about certain elements within Season 2 but not after the 40-minute mark. Also, my Variety interview with Damon Lindelof, which we talk about a little, is here and the Andy Greenwald-Lindelof podcast we mention is here)
  • Master of None and writing TV in the streaming age, i.e., how creating a show that airs weekly isn't like creating a binge-able show, and why limitations on writing aren't bad things
  • What an episode of TV is, should be or can be in the age of streaming, and the difficulties of ending anything, especially a long-running TV show 
  • In that context, we talked a little about the endings of Parks and Recreation, The Shield and The Sopranos (no Parks or Shield spoilers, but we do mention the Sopranos ending)
  • From minute 66 to the end, we talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We discuss what we liked about the movie, one or two things we question and what some of the responses to Rey say about popular culture.  

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