Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

Mo and Ryan are back with a mega-long, nearly two-hour episode. Hope you don't have any TV to watch: This is gonna take a while.

0:00 - 6:36: War and Peace

6:36 - 10:38: Mad Dogs

10:38 - 16:38: Baskets

16:38 - 29:25: The Magicians

29:25 - 45:36: Legends Of Tomorrow

45:36 - 1:06:55: The X-Files

1:06:55 - 1:23:08: American Crime Story: The People Vs O.J. Simpson

1:23:08 - End: The 100

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  • Having just watched 3x05, I am so grateful for the 100 discussion at the end of this. Like you guys, I really hoped where the show left off last week was not what it was going to really do, but no such luck. Like you I very much hope this doesn't derail the season entirely, but just ends up being a 3 ep bump in the road that we can dismiss in the grand scheme of the season. Right now though, it's not sitting well at all, and I watched the whole ep seething for how haphazardly this storyline was set up and how mindlessly it seems to be playing out. I'm not ready to quit the show either, but I do think I will take a break, let some eps pile up, so I can more easily shoulder through the parts that aren't working without them dragging down the whole.

    posted by: Pasunepomme on 2016-02-19 09:23:17

  • Bellamy's arc sucks then?:(

    posted by: Sally on 2016-01-24 22:30:59

  • In regards to 10 episodes being the new 13. I really like 10 episodes. What I hate is how it seems to be either 10 or 13, with only a few outliers doing 12. 10 episodes might be a little short for certain shows but I think many of the cable/streaming shows doing 13 would benefit by doing 12 (or even 11) episodes. Cable/streaming and the writers in some cases are only doing 13 because they are paying for 13 not because the season really needs to have 13 episodes.

    posted by: johnhelvete on 2016-01-22 21:19:07

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