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Mo and Ryan are back with THINGS TO SAY. I know. Shocking.

0:00 - 40:23: Vinyl

40:23- 50:50:The Flash

50:50 - End: The 100

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  • Great analysis of The 100. Agreed with your take on the Arkadia plotline, which I also felt extremely rushed and the development doesn't seemed earned. Not that it wouldn't be a plausible development, but it just wasn't sold to us. As for Polis, I have nothing but good things to say. All the storyline there is The 100 at its best, the foundation has been well laid, it's beautifully executed both visually as well as the dialogue and the scenes we've gotten of the throne council, the nightbloods, the tidbits about the line of commanders, the struggle for power with the Ice Nation, Clarke coming to terms with who she is (a leader) and not running from it anymore. The progression of her relationship with Lexa from resentment to slowly rebuilding trust has been beautifully done, and part of it has been smartly done non-verbally, with Clarke just seeing Lexa in her element (teaching the kids, juggling the threats to her position, etc.), her different sides and realizing better where she's coming from. I think they've really hit their stride with that aspect. Kudos on that front. Jasper...Jasper...I don't even know anymore. I feel like I should care, but I don't. Really did enjoy Monty though. Curious to see how he will react to his mom being one of the massacre leaders. I'm really nervous overall about the show and this ''infection'' with that particular Pike sl. Cross my fingers it will work out somehow. Great podcast. Look forward to the next one!

    posted by: Clo on 2016-02-16 05:33:18

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