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Mo and Ryan are backwith a huge (read: nearly two-hour) episode. According to the stats, this is our 100th ep. But throw in all the "Watching TV" podcasts, plus all those from our former feed, and this is more like our 250th. We've been talking a long, long time. Thanks for listening. On today's docket...

0:00 - 5:25: The 2014 Peabody Awards

5:25 - 14:00: Turn

14:00 - 26:09: Inside Amy Schumer

26:09 - 35:22: Veep

35:22 - 51:53: Silicon Valley

51:23 - 1:20:01: Game Of Thrones

1:20:01 - End: The "How I Met Your Mother" Finale

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