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It's Mo here with a podcast with Mike Royce and Kevin Biegel, the executive producers of the Fox comedy 'Enlisted.' In this podcast, we talk about the state of comedy on the broadcast networks, we talk about 'Enlisted' and its possible future beyond Fox (fingers crossed!), and the guys also take questions from 'Enlisted' fans. We talk a bit about the final three episodes of the season as well -- those outings are quite entertaining, and they will air 7 p.m. ET Sundays on Fox in June. 

Be sure to subscribe to the new feed for the podcast here if you like to listen on iTunes. You'll see plenty of ways in each post to stream or download MP3s if you hate iTunes with the same passion that Sgt. Major Cody hates Lt. Schneeberger. 

Also, we have an email for the podcast now! Click here to email us questions for future podcasts.

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