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Mo and Ryan are here, and so is podcast fave Joanna Robinson, and this week's topic concerns a singular show: "Fargo." What did we think of the finale, the season as a whole, and the future of limited-run series on American TV? Listen and find out.

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  • I loved this show - I didn't really think about this show much - even with stellar cast - and after your podcast went back and started watching - ok, binge watching! You guys were spot on around it. I really enjoyed it. And I'm with you, Molly should have gotten that shot! :) Keep on talking! love the podcast.

    posted by: Denise on 2014-07-06 15:00:13

  • (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS COMMENT): I was very disappointed in the finale. While it's great to see Malvo taken out, why does Gus get away with acting like a vigilante? He wasn't acting in self defense. He was lying in wait for him and took him out. I believe that is illegal (no matter how much he deserved it). That bugs me. Or am I missing something? The fact that Molly doesn't get to be the one to get Malvo or Lester directly also bothers me. It is more of her powerless-ness that was so prevalent throughout her story. I found it frustrating.

    posted by: lisa on 2014-06-19 17:20:15

  • I love the podcast - any chance of a wrap up of Hannibal season 2 ?

    posted by: Mattay on 2014-06-18 15:03:10

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