Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

Mo and Ryan return with a brief chat about Sundance's latest show, but then spend the majority of the time dealing with issues of ambiguity and darkness in modern TV drama.

0:00 - 10:47: "The Honorable Woman"

10:47 - 23:50: David Chase on the ending of "The Sopranos" (only not really)

23:50 - End: "The Leftovers" and "Rectify"

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  • Hey guys! FIrst, have to say I love the podcast and always look forward to it. I don't always agree with you, but I love the discussion. Second, I have to say that I LIKE "the Leftovers," but I don't LOVE it. And I agree with much of what you said about it in this podcast. Also, I have not read the book. But, you seemed to not quite do the show justice. I understand why you'd compare it to "Rectify," but that doesn't seem... fair. I don't think the show is only about grief and misery - it's about people still learning to live in a world where proof of the supernatural - religion? God? gods? something else - is suddenly irrefutable. The Guilty Remnant: Of course you are not supposed to agree with them, or even understand them at this point. We, like the non-GR members of that world, find them frustrating, silly, annoying, ridiculous. And Patti's long speech to Kevin about why the GR does what it does was certainly not revelatory or satisfying. They don't have the answers, but I they believe that maybe people are meant to pay more attention to the fact that some weird supernatural event has happened. It's not a world view or approach that I personally agree with, but the show did give us that explanation, take it or leave it. I don't even think the GR members are getting some enjoyment from being members. I think they are hiding. They're stunted, they can't move on, and this is their chance to live that way, with a purpose. It's annoying and stupid, but it sorta makes sense. Especially given that their leader (local leader? or more?) was Patti, revealed in Ep 9 to be quite messed up. And, in this discussion, I noticed that Mo did not talk at all about what we learn in Ep 9, which I think adds a bit to the characterizations, as the two focused episodes did. You certainly don't have to like the show, you can certainly criticize it for its faults. But your reactions and discussion didn't seem to leave it there. Okay, so as I said, I actually agree with many of your complaints and evaluation of the show. The piling on did feel excessive, though. Looking forward to the next podcast as always. Thanks for what you do! -Tony, Boston

    posted by: tonyg on 2014-08-28 22:20:57

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