Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

Mo and Ryan return with a brief chat about Sundance's latest show, but then spend the majority of the time dealing with issues of ambiguity and darkness in modern TV drama.

0:00 - 20:12: Happy Valley

20:12 - 36:22: The Knick

36:22 - 50:48: Outlander

50:48 - End: You're The Worst

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  • This is my first experience with this podcast, and I enjoyed the time spent. I stumbled on "Happy Valley" on NetFlix, and loved it, for the reasons R & R liked it. I've been a FAN of The Outlander books for ages, and am impressed with how the integrity of the books is being translated to TV. For those of is who have a picture of Clare and Jaime of the books, the TV characters are good representations, other than: Claire is too skinny and Jaime is too short. If TV follows the books, THERE WILL BE SEX, I mean SEX. I love this series. I've not seen "The Worst" yet. Nice to hear the reference to "Suits," one of my favorites. I am a FAN of police procedures, when well done..I agree with all said in this regard on the podcast. I will be a regular viewer/listener of this PC...thanks.

    posted by: Beverlee Couillard on 2014-09-12 14:24:37

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