Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

Mo and Ryan are back with a lot of summer shows to discuss.

0:00 - 8:31: Married/You're The Worst 

8:31 - 15:35: Masters Of Sex

15:35 - 29:48: The Strain

29:48 - 38:20: Extant

38:20 - 52:19 : The Bridge

52:19 - End: Penny Dreadful

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  • After listening to this podcast for about a year, I'm convinced neither of you actually enjoy television. Specifically, you enjoy ingesting massive amounts of television to then trash the inferior shows and nitpick the high quality programs to death. I assume the reward here is a sense of superiority, but it's a hollow one because what does it ultimately accomplish? There are a few thousand people out there producing visual entertainment and from now till your final breath, there's only gonna be about 20% of it that you enjoy. Hate watching or trashing a show in conversation is not going to change any of that. I'm sure you'll dismiss this as just anymous hate on the internet, but go back and listen to your shows. They are overtly negative, especially compared to the Fireball and Icebergs out there.

    posted by: Paul on 2014-07-10 19:02:47

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