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Mo Ryan is here with an hour-plus discussion with TV and media critic Eric Deggans, who wrote the fascinating new book "Race Baiter." 

Eric is the television and media critic for the Tampa Bay Times and also a contributor to NPR, and he's one of the most intelligent and most cogent critics I know. In his book, which I highly recommend, he has used his clear-sighted intelligence and his compassionate persistence to examine the way television does -- and does not -- deal with matters of race.  

Why are there so few characters of color -- still -- on television? Why are leading characters so often white? Why do reality-show contestants so often conform to stereotypes about race, gender and class? Why does the news media persist in fanning the flames of conflict and discord rather than present opportunities for real discussions about important matters in this arena?

With solid reporting and clear-eyed analysis, Eric examines all these things and more in his book, and we discuss many of those topics in the podcast. We discuss how the book got that name, why the television industry is resistant real evolution in this area and how certain shows treat black characters, in addition to many other topics. The book opened my eyes to things I hadn't thought about as much as I should have, and our discussion did the same. I truly hope you enjoy our chat. I certainly did, because Eric is a smart and thoughtful critic and it is a pleasure to listen to and learn from him. 

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