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It's Mo here, with a chat with two members of the "Arrow" brain trust.

Fans of the CW show will want to check out this chat, which features "Arrow" executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim talking about where Oliver Queen has been, where he's going and what friends and nemeses he'll encounter next. 

Though there is a feature on the show on my Huffington Post page (and much of that feature is drawn from my chat with the show's producers), there are a lot of topics that didn't make it into the article. Is Oliver Queen a liberal superhero? Is he a Jack Bauer for the left? Is he a force for good in Starling City or a vigilante who's making up his morality as he's going along? What kind of relationship will he have with Laurel Lance going forward? What's next for his family and for his friend, Tommy Merlin? How does the show differ from the comic books and why? 

All those questions are discussed, and we also chatted about upcoming guest stars James Callis, David Anders, Manu Bennett, the arrival of Roy Harper and the return of some key characters we met last fall. 

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