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Hi all, this is Mo with an installment of the podcast that is somewhat unusual, but I'm very excited about it. 

A week or two ago, I headed to Evanston hang out in the classroom of Max Dawson, a professor of Radio, Television and Film at Northwestern University. Max also invited critic/academic Myles McNutt, a previous Talking TV podcast guest, as well as Erik M. Adams, assistant TV editor of the AV Club

Max moderated a 90-minute discussion among the four of us, which took place in front of his class and which touched on the state of reality TV, trends in scripted TV, what defines a TV hit, how the financial models of the media industry are changing and what TV even is these days.  

I enjoyed this discussion enormously; Myles, Erik and Max are very smart, funny and perceptive and I did my best to keep up with them. I am very grateful to Max for recording the discussion and allowing us to post it here for you (he also posted it on Soundcloud if you prefer that audio experience). 

We didn't talk in depth about specific programs all that often in this chat, but if you enjoy chats about where TV creators and viewers have been and where they're going and why, I hope you find it interesting. Please forgive any quirks in the recording: Max's students were a very quiet, respectful (and smart) audience, but the audio quality reflects the fact that we were in a somewhat spacious classroom and there is going to be a bit of variability in volume and so forth. I think it sounds good, but it's not going to sound the same as a podcast recorded by two people speaking into microphones. 

Be sure to subscribe to the new feed for the podcast here if you like to listen on iTunes. You'll see plenty of ways in each post to stream or download MP3s if you hate iTunes with the same passion that Mo hates the fact that she's never actually seen "Pawn Stars."

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