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Hello, it's  Mo here again, with a podcast featuring the men of Spartacus. 

These interviews were recorded in late January, just before a Spartacus retrospective panel at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. For the first half of the podcast, I spoke to Liam McIntyre and Todd Lasance, who play Spartacus and Julius Caesar in the new season. They discussed the men's motivations, their methods and why, for both characters, the battle between the slaves and the Romans is a fight to the death. We also discuss the fact that history is something of a spoiler in this regard, in that it's pretty clear that Caesar lived past this era in his life. But Lasance assures fans that Caesar will go through many "epic" and insane moments before the series comes to a close. 

McIntyre also talks about Spartacus' mindset and priorities this season, and about the dark tone of the early episodes. There's also a brief discussion of the training regimes both men had to keep up in order to keep up the show's buff 'n' brawny image.

In the second half of the podcast, creator and executive producer Steven DeKnight talked about the things he tried to achieve with the Starz drama's final go-round. We didn't discuss upcoming plot points in detail, but we did talk things that have transpired in the first three episodes of "War of the Damned," including Naevia's shift in attitude, the arrival of the pirates, the difficult leadership challenges faced by Crassus, Caesar and Spartacus and other events that took place episodes that have already aired. We also discussed the issue of violence in popular culture and why some people find it difficult to see past the show's reputation for blood and breasts and to appreciate the challenging, subversive critique of power that lies at the heart of the drama. 

Put ears to purpose and attend the words of these warriors! Be sure to subscribe to the new feed for the podcast here if you like to listen on iTunes. You'll see plenty of ways in each post to stream or download MP3s if you hate iTunes as much as Naevia hates showing mercy to Romans.

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