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Give attention, "Spartacus" fans. We would break words with you. Find hand in possession of beverage, set mind to purpose and turn ears to epic finale podcast. Words will be spoken, hearts will be lifted, memories will be shared and such tributes will ensure that the Bringer of Rain, the Undefeated Gaul and all the gods of the arena shall not pass from memory. 

All right, that's about as much "Spartacus"-speak as I can manage right now. But Ryan McGee and I are very excited to mark the series finale of Starz's "Spartacus" with an extensive interview with the show's creator. For more than an hour, executive producer Steven DeKnight talks about how he and the show's creative team approached the final installment of the epic drama, the challenges of wrapping up various' characters arcs, the underlying themes of the drama and many other details about what you saw in "Victory." We also review many high points and memorable moments from the show's history, and we discuss various elements of the fans response the show elicited over the past three years. If you've got questions about the last season or the finale, they're probably answered here, or in Ryan's interview with DeKnight over at the AV Club. [By the way, earlier in the season, I spoke to DeKnight, as well as cast members Todd Lasance (Caesar) and Liam McIntyre (Spartacus), and those interviews is here]. 

At the tail end of the DeKnight interview, he also discussed a show he is developing for Starz, the military sci-fi drama "Incursion." I am very excited about that project and DeKnight revealed some key information about it in that part of the interview. 

For the final 20 minutes or so of the podcast, Ryan and I discussed our own reactions to the "Spartacus" finale, which I also wrote about at Huffington Post (that post also contains highlights of the DeKnight interview). Ryan's write up of "Victory" can be found here as well, and with that, we bid a fond farewell to "Spartacus," a badass, bloody, emotionally resonant show that accomplished a great deal in its short but eventful life. Gratitude! 

Be sure to subscribe to the new feed for the podcast here if you like to listen on iTunes. You'll see plenty of ways in each post to stream or download MP3s if you hate iTunes as much as the Roman senators hate the Bringer of Rain.

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