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Comic-Con is here, so here's something a little different for you: An hourlong talk with the creative team behind Marvel's "Hawkeye" comic book.  

In this podcast, writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja talk about the collaborative process behind one of the most acclaimed comics around, discuss what Clint Barton has been through and what's ahead for him and Kate, and talk about how the lack of expectations surrounding "Hawkeye" allowed them to take a lot of chances. 

And of course we talk about Pizza Dog! 

Even if you don't read comics much, this is one that I think you may enjoy. In the podcast, we don't get into specifics about plot points that have transpired in the comic until about the halfway point of the podcast, so if you just want to hear some general discussion, listen up to around minute 28. After that, we talk about what's next for Clint and Kate and the pooch, among other topics, and if you're a fan of "Hawkeye," you'll get some advance scoop on what's to come for the greatest sharpshooter known to man. 

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