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Ryan McGee welcomes back Joanna Robinson once again to the podcast. The two spend the initial minutes discussing the state of "The Mindy Project" before delving into ten emotional TV deaths in the past decade. If you haven't seen the shows in question, we give you the chance to skip ahead to the next show. Use the timestamps below as your guide.

Be warned: the first thirty seconds feature Skype trying to sabotage our call, but luckily it smooths out after that.

0:00 - 19:39 The Mindy Project analysis

"I Am Become TV Death" Segments

19:39 - 28:02: Game Of Thrones

28:02- 33:28: Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel

33:28 - 38:00: The Sopranos

38:00- 44:55: Doctor Who

44:55 - 51:01: Scrubs

51:01 - 1:01:43: Sons of Anarchy

1:01:43 - 1:08:03: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

1:08:03 - 1:13:37: The Wire

 1:13:37 - End: Lost


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