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The first two installments of this series featured Mo and Ryan discussing episodes of television in sync with the action onscreen. For our third installment, we've done something we've wanted to do since the advent of the series: have people associated with these episodes come on and discuss their work with us. So we're proud to have "Battlestar Galactica" scribes David Weddle and Bradley Thompson on to discuss the fourth season episode "Someone To Watch Over Me".

Unfortunately, Ryan couldn't be in LA with Mo, David, and Bradley. Even more unfortunately, technology tried to ensure this podcast never got recorded on several occasions. What you have here is the complete discussion, but with post-production edits to make sure everything more or less lines up with the action onscreen. If you hear a brief pause in the dialogue, don't worry: we have a full discussion of the entire episode on tap this week.

What you have here is a masterclass about what it takes to make an episode of television. Weddle and Thompson have incredible insight, fantastic anecdotes, and a real passion for the material. This is actually the first time they have gone back to watch it since "Someone" originally aired, and you can hear them get more excited and energized as the episode goes on. Mo and Ryan hope this is the first of many such installments of "Watching TV With Ryan and Ryan," and they hope you enjoy this installment of the podcast.

Two program notes: 1) the episode discussion starts around 18:00 into the podcast, and we count you in so you know where to start, and 2) there's some adult language near the end, so be aware of that.

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