Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan (From The Vault)

After this week's "Watching TV With Ryan and Ryan" podcast, Mo Ryan and Ryan McGee decided it was high time to re-post their 2011 discussion of "Friday Night Lights" as a whole. This was recorded immediately after the season finale aired on NBC.

Enjoy this trip back to Dillon, Texas.

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Mo Ryan and Ryan McGee are looking for ways to add variety to this podcast feed, and are proud to introduce a new series that includes segments from past episode that are still relevant/amusing/enlightening today.

The move to the new hosting system has provided a lot of advantages, but unfortunately little access to the 2+ years of archives from the old feed. While those podcasts still exist, they are not readily accessible at the current time. They may well be available again for download in the future, but in the meantime, we hope this is an interim solution.

To kick off this series, we go back to September 2010, for the final twenty minutes of our podcast with Shawn Ryan ("The Shield," "Terriers", and the upcoming ABC drama "Last Resort".) This segment was actually his idea, as he wanted to use the opportunity of coming on the podcast to discuss some problems that showrunners have within this day and age of television production. It's a fantastic segment, and a highlight in the "Talking TV" history.


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