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Mo and Ryan celebrate their five-year podcast anniversary with one of their longest shows to date. The "Parks and Rec" section alone is longer than most traditional episodes, but it's one of the best segments in the podcast's history, according to Ryan, who may be biased.

0:00 - 20:49: SNL 40

20:49 - 37:51: Peaky Blinders

37:51: 50:16: The Last Man On Earth

50:16: - 1:03:47: Agent Carter

1:03:47 - End: Parks and Recreation

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  • I've been listening to this podcast for about three years now, because I really enjoy both of your insights and takes on television and really pop culture. I do believe this is one of your best episodes to date. It was so important to discuss the death of the writer on Park and Recs, as well as the importance of tv bringing an element of hope into our lives. I did listen to the very end of this podcast and think you guys are just wonderful people who truly care. I appreciate that and wanted to tell you that.

    posted by: Muriel on 2015-03-05 14:41:43

  • Come on guys, live music has been an integral and important aspect of SNL through it's entire run. It would have been weird not to have live music performances as part of the anniversary and Paul Simon was the first music guest to also be the host so his inclusion made a lot of sense.

    posted by: Curtis on 2015-03-03 15:42:05

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