Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

Mo and Ryan talk two premieres and one finale.

0:00 - 19:28: Powers

19:29 - 31:32: iZombie

31:32 - End : The 100

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  • I finally finished out Season 2 of The 100, so I could come back and listen to this. I'm with Mo - it's really great to have a genre show that can mine drama from something other than bigger and more gruesome deaths and violent set pieces. I look forward to seeing the characters we've met develop more. Would definitely welcome more Octavia and more Lincoln in the season to come!

    posted by: Pasunepomme on 2015-06-20 21:19:34

  • Great discussion on The 100. Agree with both Ryan's assessments. There were a few moments of this past season where all the bleakness and dour outcomes started to annoy more than entertain and enlighten me. I would have welcomed a few short respites for the storyline to catch its breath and maybe bring a little joy and levity to the characters once and awhile. Overall, a very satisfying first two seasons. Since the show pulls no punches about killing off perceived good characters, there is always this underlying anxiety watching it, wondering who will be next.

    posted by: Rod on 2015-03-12 04:48:07

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