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Mo and Ryan are back with a extra-big episode.

0:00 - 40:22: The Flash/Arrow

40:22 - 55:41: iZombie/Supernatural

55:41 - End: Listener Questions

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  • Eugenie Ross Lemming is the supernatural show runner Bob Singer's wife. Aka why the creator of the racist truck episode and the only queer character being killed by nazis (seriously, by a group notorious for exterminating tens of thousands of us mostly in the poison bathroom method.) yeah.. Can't believe they didn't realise how insulting that would be. Especially with the title alluding to the whole 'duck dynasty' debacle....

    posted by: Sumlin on 2015-05-28 17:44:07

  • Seriously, thank you for your words about Supernatural. What a leaden season, culminating in a deeply disappointing and tedious finale. This creative team seems to have no clue how to write the ensemble this show now is, and nor do they seem to have any inspiration for writing the Winchester brothers, who never progress but stay trapped in the same endless cycle. That scene towards the ~thrilling climax, with the Impala stuck in the mud, its wheels spinning helplessly, is the *perfect* metaphor for the Winchesters and this show. It's so frustrating, and the characters and the actors all deserve much better writing. As it is, my interest is at an all-time low, and judging by the ratings for the back end of the season, I'm not the only one who feels very little investment or interest in S11.

    posted by: Kate on 2015-05-28 15:33:30

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