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A special edition of the Talking TV podcast with a special guest -- Hitfix critic Alan Sepinwall (feel free to think of the episode as a rare edition of the Firewall and Mo-Berg podcast). We talk about the new, revised edition of Alan's book, "The Revolution Was Televised," and discuss what we love, don't love and question about the current TV landscape. Talk of Alan's book and general questions about the state of TV are woven into conversations about some of the shows on the Top 10 rosters we submitted this year to Hitfix's annual critics poll. 

Here are time codes for the discussions (and there is some overlap here and there, as well as a few mentions of other shows not listed here):

0 - 7:19 Introduction and book talk

7:20 - 12:59 Master of None

13:00 - 18:30 TV's worst trend

26:00 - 29:33 The Leftovers

29:34 - 37:29 The 100 

37:30 - 41:49 The trouble with many broadcast network dramas

41:50 - 50:25 Fargo 

50:26 - 58:21 You're the Worst

58:22 - 63:39 What's missing from TV 

63:40 - end Mad Men

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