Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

Ryan and Kate Kulzick from The Televerse are here to discuss two two big topics.

0:00 - 35:24: "Daredevil" and the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in television

35:24 - End: The state of "The 100" and its fandom in the aftermath of "Thirteen"

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  • there is a list of happy lesbians, also on autostraddle. here it is. thank you for taking time to talk about this still and hopefully the tide will change

    posted by: Q on 2016-03-26 00:07:22

  • Thank you so much for continuing to listen and opening your hearts and minds to the lgbt community. These podcasts give me hope that more people will do the same and together we can help usher in the change we so desperately want to see.

    posted by: Joey on 2016-03-25 23:57:35

  • there is a list of happy lesbians list, also on autostraddle. right hrrr

    posted by: Q on 2016-03-25 23:44:15

  • Thanks for this. As and FYI, I wanted you to know that both Javi and Shawna stated on their tumblr pages that the lesbian killed right after sex trope was discussed in the writers room but Jason chose to use it anyway.

    posted by: Karla on 2016-03-25 19:59:44

  • There are 29 happy queer women on TV (also from Autostraddle). And there are at least two other TV shows with bisexual leads besides Clarke, Orange is the New Black and Lost Girl (though that's on its last season right now). But Clarke is the only bi lead on a network show.

    posted by: brunnhilda on 2016-03-25 19:45:19

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